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Blood Wars Selene The nude model at the beginning of the scene is an unknown body double. She then begins to make out with Frances McDormand in this nice lesbian scene. Kate Beckinsale stripping down to her bra and panties and then lesbian kissing Frances McDormand as they undo a guy's belt on a bed. Her rounded boobs really raises this picture on whole other level. We see a couple flashes of Frances topless as she moves about the pool before the girls kiss.

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Whiteout Kate Beckinsale Kate Beckinsale undressing down to a white sports bra and panties, showing some pokey nipples as she walks over to a shower and turns on the water.

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Kate Beckinsale in a white bra that gets wet and shows a bit of nipple as she gets into a swimming pool, where Frances McDormand is skinny-dipping with a guy. The nude model at the beginning of the scene is an unknown body double. Kate Beckinsale crashing naked through the glass door ofa cryogenic chamber and ending up on the floor on her side, her right arm covering her breasts. Evolution Kate Beckinsale Kate Beckinsale of Click fame seen naked but never quite showing nipple as a guy undresses her out of her tight leather outfit, and she lies underneath him while they have sex. Snow Angels Annie Haunted Kate Beckinsale A young Kate Beckinsale making out with a guy passionately as they remove her clothes and get into a bed where they have sex with her on her back as he touches her breasts and holds onto them and then with her on top riding him giving us some more looks at her breasts with his hands cupping them while she holds his hands against her as well as some glimpses from the side with pasties over her nipples until finally they finish and lie in bed holding each other. Kate Beckinsale fully nude as she sits on the arm of a couch, then reaching over and grabbing a blanket, giving us a nice look at her breasts as she steps off the couch before covering up.

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