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Still, the fact that he had consensual sex with a woman, while claiming to identify as female, is troubling. He asked her to assist him zipping dresses, which she did. Should they have to be jailed with a biological male who committed a horrible rape? There are numerous cases of males who identify as transgender females but who have been charged or convicted with raping women, as well as cases of transvestite cross-dressing men who have likewise been charged or convicted. He was subdued by the family and arrested by the police.

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He offered to perform a sex act on the policeman.

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He grabbed the girl, put a shirt around her neck, and began chocking her. Believing Aaron to be a woman, the parents invited him into their home to care for their four young children, ages 6 to That simply is not true. He was high on meth, which had him confused, and it was only when he saw the half-naked 24 year old that he realized she was the wrong woman and he must be in the wrong apartment. Dressing up as a woman was a step to do that.

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