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I know he'd never express any discomfort if he felt it and I know he's complained about idiots on the trolley who can't handle nursing moms in public. The Rugby Breastfeeding Cafe — who promotes breastmilk smoothies on their website — hope the calendar will be displayed in GPs surgeries, shops, restaurants and schools. I do get a little uncomfortable, but I know its natural to want to understand, and they'll probably see me from time to time, but because we do practice modesty in our home, keeping our privates to ourselves a lesson a couple of them are not learning very well I will most likely try not to run around with my breast hangingout with a baby attached to it. It's not that I'm teaching my 15 year old son it's bad or women should cover up, I personally feel better covering up. Breastfeeding is a beautiful and natural process. I don't have a problem with feeding in front of them.

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I nurse my 1 year old in front of my 13 year old son all the time, no blankets as why should I cover up something so natural?

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Breastfeeding with much older kids around

I will probably just throw a receiving blanket over my shoulder I would still be covered. Everyone is going to have their own opinion, and each is generally right in their own thinking. My 8 yr old son did ask me yesterday a few questions about pumping. They kno its how I feed the baby. I nursed in front of my teenaged sons and explained that it is natural and the same way i fed them. But Leanne, from Coventry, West Mids.

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