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But there were some advice to parents, written by scribes: I found it interesting that virginity in Ancient Egypt held no significance. It came with its own cultural products, myths, and literature. Royalty did it too, at least in the eyes of a student learning how to draw: A number of Egyptologists and archaeologists believe them to be the first homosexual couple in recorded history, thus concluding that the culture at the time did not preclude homosexual relations.

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In the Pyramid Texts is written:

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Ancient Egyptian Sexuality

It consists of a continuous series of vignettes drawn on a papyrus scroll about 8. Seth was the brother of Osiris, and after Osiris died, which set off the bitter rivalry between Horus and Seth, another god named Re had pretty extensive sexual relations with the dead body of Osiris. Ancient Egyptian mythology includes the story of the conflict between Osiris, god of the afterlife and a symbol of good, with his brother Set, god of the desert, storms, violence, and chaos. Your blog mentions bestiality being something that occurred in Ancient Egypt, we can also see this in other cultures such as Poseidon cursing a woman to fall in love with a bull, mating with it, and creating the Minotaur. The New Kingdom love poems may rather be the outpourings of frustrated young men than indications of joyful consumation. In a first millennium BCE tale Isis, fleeing with her son Horus asked for shelter in such a house of pleasure.

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women having sex with horus
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women having sex with horus
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