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No risk of pregnancy — This one is obvious, but anal sex means that there is almost zero chance of pregnancy. Anal ring Stimulation and Anal rimming. If you get blood, like 1 comment mentioned. Having your knees close to the chest gives more access, but might feel like it takes more effort, so find the angle that feels best to you. It resets the butt back to tight. This beginners guide on how to have anal sex is in-depth.

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Anal Sex Positions 3.

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How To Have Pain-Free Anal Sex – 12 Tips & Techniques For Beginners

But i have a few questions and i would appreciate answers. Be patient, it takes time. Sure there is risk with any form of sexual contact… but at a point the risk becomes so minimal its basically non-existent. Anyway, This differs from woman to woman and from time to time, Some women prefer macho some gentle, sometimes they have mood for games some other times not. Stay versatile and keep mutual pleasure going. Thats exactly what I thought of when I saw her.

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lying down anal sex position
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