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I Love Seth Green. And as far as going to concerts, forget about it, your parents would definitely keep you home. Paul — Dead on in your middle paragraph, of course the Pedophile issue is sickening and truly has happened under the Amish, however there has been on going awareness assistance in the communities. The Amish live a very secretive life and I am not surprised that other secret dealings are going on behind the walls of the tight knit community — just how tight knit is yet to be seen. If people do not find that in religion or worship of a higher power in the conventional sense, I think many satisfy it or try to satisfy it by devotion to a larger cause or entity, though not necessarily a traditional higher power as in a religious setting.

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Although the Amish community is actually one of the fastest growing communities in North America, it is no secret that some people leave the community — and never come back.

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These groups are not necessarily divided across traditional Amish church district boundaries, although they often are. I must admit, I am pleased to read that the common understanding of the purpose of Rumspringa is not what most of us hear in our community, but seems like it is for a noble reason and a good time of courtship and fun. Wenger Mennonites youth go through a period of rumspringa between ages 16 and 21, a few years older than the Amish do. The Amish are more narrow minded about sex than your great grandparents were. For some that would be soccer or other sports; for theists, that would be God in theory, even if not in daily practice.

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